Limited Edition - Chad Cap


Limited Edition - Chad Cap


SHAPE Casual Unstructured

FABRIC Premium Cotton Twill

VISOR Precurved


Adjustable Cloth Hideaway Backstrap
One Size Fits Most

Made by Richardson Sports


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This cap is special. It's a symbol of the heart and soul of good friend Chad Kendrick. It also represents support and love during these trying times times. We wish Chad and his family beautiful days in the future. Thank you for your support!  

These caps are limited! Stoke with pride! Knowing you're supporting something important, feels good. This isn't just a fashion statement, but a movement that will do good! As my efforts grow and change from project to project, so will these Caps. Each a symbol of the good left in the world as a percentage of the proceeds will help support the mission at hand. Thank you for the love, we are all truly in this together.

Additional support for Chad and his family here. Thank you!